Experimental Methods in Semantics and Pragmatics


The goal of this course is to get an overview of different experimental approaches to topics in semantic and pragmatic theory, with a particular (but not exclusive) focus on issues relating to number and quantity.

Course requirements

Everyone who comes to this class is expected to do the readings and participate in the discussion. In particlar, everyone will be required to present at least one experimental paper over the course of the quarter, so that we have a chance to discuss them all in at least some detail. Papers will be chosen or assigned during the first meeting.

Registered students will have two additional requirements:

  • Participation in the design and construction of an experiment on vaguenss and imprecision.

  • EITHER logical design of an experiment on a topic of the student's choice, OR a critical analysis of some body of experimental studies of a particular phenomenon (along the lines of the Elbourne paper that we will read in the second week).


NB: The following schedule is subject to change, so please check for updates each week! (Last updated: Tuesday, March 31)