Mind: Section 3


This is Section 3 of Mind I, the first quarter of the Social Sciences core course devoted to investigating the nature of the mind. The goal of section is to provide students with an opportunity to discuss and debate questions and issues that arise in the course of attending the weekly lectures and reading the assigned articles.

To stimulate the discussion and ensure that we are able to address several important topics each week, the course will be divided into three 'issue groups', each of which will collaboratively develop a position on a particular question or issue. The positions will be then be explained and argued in brief presentations, and the rest of the class will have a chance to respond. 20 minutes will be alotted for group discussion; 5 minutes for the presentation of the group's position on the issue; and 10 minutes for discussion. The rest of the class will be devoted to further discussion of these issues or discussion of other issues that come out of the readings and lecture.

The issues that will form the basis for the presentations will be determined in advance by the weekly 'key discussants', in collaboration with the instructor and course assistant in weekly meetings Wednesday afternoon at 3pm in Classics 314D. The key discussants will also take responsibility for organizing the group collaboration on the issue in section, and for presenting the group's position to the class.

The issues

Each week's discussion points will be posted here on Wednesday evening, so that groups can have a chance to start thinking about how to develop their positions in advance. Communication between group members on the topic to be addressed prior to class is strongly encouraged!

Week 1 (September 29)
Week 2 (October 6)
Week 3 (October 13)
Week 4 (October 20)
Week 5 (October 27)
Week 6 (November 3)
Week 7 (November 10)
Week 8 (November 17)
Week 9 (November 29)